Personal Branding Gives Employees the Confidence to Tell Their Story. And Yours.

Personal Branding Gives Employees the Confidence to Tell Their Story. And Yours.

All my clients are talking about it: increasingly many of their younger employees struggle with verbal communications.

This is a challenge when a company wants to present a unified message and its most likely brand ambassadors lack the skills, or more to the point confidence, to look up from their phones to learn the elevator speech.

After several years of leading Personal Branding Workshops at Boston University, I’ve discovered these young people aren’t rude, it’s just they were raised in a time when much of their communication was non-verbal.

And that was perfectly acceptable.

Clutching their Smartphones like security blankets loaded with texting programs, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, Millenials are adept at expressing themselves online; its real-life that leaves many of them stumped.

Simply stated, they lack the experience to look you in the eye and articulate who they are, what they’re good at, or why choose them.

That’s where personal branding can be extremely effective.

Using the same tenets applied to branding global companies, it’s quite possible to teach recent graduates and employees a process to identify their strengths, the benefits they bring to a role, and ultimately a point of differentiation. When done, they will be the proud owner of their own personal brand narrative.

Once they become comfortable with succinctly expressing their key messages, they can learn to do so in the context of the role they play in their company.

Done correctly, teaching personal branding can be done in a manner that is educative, fun and actionable.

The result?

By providing personal branding services for your employees they will be more engaged and confident brand ambassadors who can proudly tell their story. And yours.


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