Brand Loyalty Rules

Brand Loyalty Rules

In Fifty-Seven Brand Haikus, Brand Strategist Joseph Benson opines on the notion of brand loyalty:

If loyalty means the repetition, periodicity, and frequency of a purchasing decision — we can measure this.

If loyalty means higher barriers to entry, the ability to command a premium price, and a source of sustainable competitive advantage – we have difficulty measuring this.

If loyalty means customer-evangelization, this we can’t measure.

His first point we absolutely know to be true.

In fact, right now it is playing out on the world-stage as our President-elect appears to be building a cabinet based largely on the loyalty individuals have demonstrated to his personal brand.

Who knew brand loyalty would rule the world?

And who knew that breaking those rules would serve to humiliate, and likely sideline, a former naysayer, who trashed the brand and then in a head-scratching turn of events, sought a job from the brand-guru. (Spoiler alert. Bad career move.)

Look no further than die-hard brand loyalists with not-exactly relevant resumes like former opponent Dr. Ben Carson, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Apprentice standout Omarosa Manigault and even Wife #1 Ivan Trump, who are all in discussions to assume important roles in his new administration.

These appointments may come as a surprise to the folks at The Reputation Institute, which tracks how consumers view people and companies.

Last fall they issued a report based on a survey of over 2,000 individuals giving then then-candidate an overall “pulse score” of 31.7 noting that a score less than 40 equates to “poor reputation.”  Their conclusion: he would fail to engender brand loyalty within citizens.

This, we have come to learn, was not true at all.

In fact, its indisputable that our new President is a master of brand building, and agree with him or not, has engendered tremendous loyalty among many.

But brand loyalty only lasts as long as brand promises are kept.

His ability to deliver on his promises, and meet their expectations, will undoubtedly test their loyalty.

And patience.

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