Brand Strategy

Armed with an airtight business strategy, we create a comprehensive brand blueprint that features updated brand strategy, positioning, and narrative to accelerate your business’ growth momentum.

Services include:

Brand Insights

From the outset, we must benchmark where your brand lives in the hearts and minds of its key stakeholders. We do so using a combination of Qualitative Research, Online Surveys, and occasionally a Quantitative Research overlay. Insights from these exercises inform follow-on recommendations and, ultimately, core engagement deliverables.

Brand Analysis

To understand how your brand presents to the marketplace, and then to determine where it is going, we conduct two exercises. A Communications Audit of all printed and electronic marketing materials reveals current messaging and a Business Strategy Document Review, including business plan and previously conducted research lays out your roadmap. We analyze both, cross-reference learnings, and consider them as we develop follow-on services.

Brand Positioning

Every brand has a competitive set: just not always the right one. After conducting a Competitive Review of your top 3-4 closest competitors from a messaging and visual presentation point-of-view, we will identify points of parity and reveal possible points of differentiation. Ultimately we recommend specific competitors your brand should directly compete with … and it may very well be different than those in the past.

Brand Architecture

Change is good, but also confusing. For example, overtime, most companies acquire additional brands, add divisions, consolidate offers, and/or merge with other entities. Such activities can create confusion internally leading many to question how each of the moving pieces and parts relate. We create a Brand Architecture Model that clarifies the inter-relationships across the organization.

Brand Narrative

Your people are your greatest assets, but not if they can’t talk the same talk. Tying the insights, analysis, positioning and architecture together we develop a comprehensive Brand Narrative that enables all to articulate the brand in a concise, consistent and unique manner. Key deliverables include: Corporate Voice Articulation, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Key Messages, Key Vocabulary Words, Tagline, Elevator Speech and Hashtag.

Brand Coaching

Building a powerful brand takes clarity. Therefore, when our work is done, we educate all internal stakeholders and agencies-of-record how to apply the learnings and deliverables of the engagement via an interactive Brand Coaching Session – delivered in person or via Go-To-Meeting where specific direction is given to all.

Personal Branding Workshop

Using the same tenets applied to branding global companies, this 2-hour workshop lead by Rob Levinson teaches employees how to create and develop their own personal brand narrative and then articulate it with confidence in the context of their role in their company. It includes education, definitions, examples, interactive exercises and critiques. For more information:

Mission & Vision Statement Workshop

It is crucial employees understand why they come to work everyday and where the company is going. While many companies have existing Mission & Vision Statements they are often long, jargon-filled, and unmemorable. In this half-day workshop lead by Rob Levinson, Senior Management convenes and receives definitions, examples, and team-building and creative visioning exercises that result in a Mission Statement and Vision Statement that is succinct, memorable and unique. For more information:

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